2021 Virtual Open House for Prospective Ph.D. Students

On this page you will find information about the Department for Prospective Ph.D. Students. Click on each section for information about the Ph.D. program, research opportunities, and graduate student life. 

Chemical Engineering at Columbia

Learn about what makes Chemical Engineering at Columbia University unique. Start with an introduction and overview of the department which will welcome you to our faculty and staff. Afterwards, take a virtual walking tour of Columbia University.


Department Intro (Video)

Department Overview (Video)

Staff (Video)

Columbia University Virtual Walking Tour (Video)

Tour of Engineering Campuses (Video)


Learn about our Faculty and their research with these short videos. We also encourage you to browse the faculty pages and lab websites linked below. 


Research Groups

Scott Banta: VideoFaculty Page, Lab website, Lab Tour

Kyle Bishop: Video, Faculty Page, Lab Website, Lab Tour 

Christopher Boyce: Video, Faculty Page, Lab Website 

Jingguang Chen: Video, Faculty Page, Lab Website, Lab Tour 

Christopher Durning: VideoFaculty Page

Daniel Esposito: Video, Faculty Page, Lab WebsiteLab Tour

Oleg Gang: Video, Faculty Page, Lab Website

Jingyue Ju: Faculty Page, Lab Website 

Sanat Kumar: Video, Lab Website 

Lauren Marbella: Video, Faculty Page, Lab Website, Lab Tour 

V. Faye McNeill: Video, Faculty Page, Lab Website, Lab Tour 

Ben O'Shaughnessy: Video, Lab Website

Allie Obermeyer: Video, Faculty Page, Lab Website, Lab Video

Alissa Park: Video, Faculty Page, Lab Website 

Mijo Simunovic: Video, Faculty Page, Lab Tour

Dan Steingart: Faculty Page

Alexander Urban: Video, Faculty Page, Lab Website

Venkat Venkatasubramanian: Video, Faculty Page, Lab Website

Alan West: Video, Faculty Page, Lab Website, Lab Tour

Additional Research

Columbia Electrochemical Energy Center: WebsiteVideo

PhD Program

Below are some frequently asked questions about the PhD. program from an academic standpoint. Learn about your first year, selecting your PhD. advisor and more. 


What will my first year of graduate study entail? (Video)

What are the major milestones in completing my Ph.D.? (Video)

Which courses do I take? (Video)

How do I select my Ph.D. advisor? (Video- Faculty) (Video- Student)

Will I serve as a teaching assistant (TA)? (Video)

Finding a Postdoc and Academic Position after Columbia (Video)

Finding a Career in Industry as a PhD Graduate (Video)

Graduate Student Life

Below are frequently asked questions about everyday life as a PhD student. Get an idea about university housing, living in New York City and more.  


Where will I live?

University Housing with Roommates (Video)

University Couples Housing (Video)

Off Campus Housing (Video)


Living in NYC

Can I afford to live in New York City? (Video)

Is New York City safe? (Video)


Profiles of life as a graduate student in NYC

Steven Denny (Video)

Anna Dorfi (Video)

Karthik Mayilvahanan (Video)


Where will I work?

Lab tours and offices (Video)

What are the logistics of day-to-day life in the city? (Video)