E.g., 10/26/2020
E.g., 10/26/2020
On October 28, students, faculty, alumni, families, and friends—from across Columbia and around the world—come together to give back to… More
Oct 22 2020
Press Release
Study demonstrates that RNA terminated by Hepatitis C Drug Sofosbuvir is more resistant to SARS-CoV-2 proofreader than RNA terminated by… More
Oct 6 2020
Making cement from seawater, recycling slag into rare-earth elements, and pushing data centers toward maximum efficiency--how our labs are… More
Sep 22 2020
In the Media
Chemical Engineering Department Chair honored for his contributions to the field of chemical reaction engineering
Sep 10 2020
New cohort of doctoral scholars using engineering to advance human health.
Sep 1 2020
Researchers across Columbia Engineering have recently been awarded a number of prestigious grants to further pathbreaking work on everything… More
Aug 28 2020
In the Media
Aug 20 2020
Columbia News
Virginia Jiang ‘21 has earned the prestigious Chopey Scholarship from Chemical Engineering magazine.
Aug 17 2020
In the Media
Research supported by these grants will improve air quality models, specifically the component of models that represent how chemicals react in… More
Jul 16 2020
Research ramp up across Columbia Engineering met with great enthusiasm.
Jul 7 2020