Program Requirements

The MS program requires students to take the following four courses:

  • CHEN 4110, Transport Phenomena III;
  • CHEN 4120, Statistical Mechanics OR CHEN4130 Advanced Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics; 
  • CHEN 4010, Mathematical Methods in Chemical Engineering;
  • CHEN 4330, Advanced Chemical Kinetics.

In addition, 18 points of 4000 or 6000-level courses are required. Each of these courses must be approved by the graduate coordinator or research advisor, as appropriate. 

All approvals must be in writing and are filed with the student’s Departmental records. Approvals are sought and obtained only by personal contact with the advisor. Only for part-time students who cannot easily schedule personal advising sessions can approvals be made through e-mail. At least 24 points (usually 8 courses at 3 points per course) toward the MS Degree must be CHEN courses. (This requirement does not apply to entering doctoral students in the MS/ leading to a PhD program). The MS may be earned with or without a research component. Up to 6 points of MS Research (ChE 9400) may be used as part of the 18 point elective requirement. Students who elect to do an MS thesis typically require 2 years to graduate. Many students elect to participate in research without writing a formal thesis; they typically graduate in 3 semesters.

Note: As with all degrees at Columbia, one must apply for a degree to receive it. The degree is not automatically awarded once requirements are fulfilled. Often MS students proceeding to doctoral studies will receive a grade for MS Research (ChE 9400) and subsequently apply for the degree only at the time of completion of the doctoral research proposal in year 2. At this time, students may also change their registration status from “MS/PhD” to “PhD,” as instructed by the departmental administrator or the research advisor.