MS in Chemical Engineering with a Concentration in Data and Computational Science

The coursework for a concentration in Data and Computational Science provides the MS candidate with an understanding of data science tools and computational modeling methods relevant to modern chemical engineering practice. These tools include methods of data curation, statistical data analysis, predictive modeling, and experimental design that integrate advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence into the chemical engineering domain. Hack-a-thons planned throughout the MS program provide students with the opportunity to apply the tools they learn to solve real-world problems.
Students must satisfy the chemical engineering core and technical elective requirements with no more than 2 courses outside of the department. Through the S2E program, the concentration is also appropriate for students with undergraduate degrees in chemistry, materials science, mechanical engineering and related disciplines.

Any combination of four courses (12 points total) satisfies the Data and Computational Science Concentration Requirement. You can also substitute 3 credits of a Data or Computational course from across SEAS as part of this 12 point requirement.

Course Number



CHEN E4670*

Chemical Engineering Data Analysis


CHEN E4580*

Artificial Intelligence in Chemical Engineering


CHAP E4120

Statistical Mechanics


CHEN E4150

Computational Fluid Dynamics in Chemical Engineering


CHEN E4880

Atomistic Simulations for Science and Engineering


CHEN E9400

Research (Only 3 Points can be used to satisfy concentration requirement to be taken after completion of first semester.)


*Scientist to Engineer (S2E) students are eligible to take this elective during the first semester and count the course as within the Department of Chemical Engineering.

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