Commonly-Taken Core and Elective Courses in the Chemical Engineering MS Program

Course Syllabi for Required (Core) Courses and Commonly-Taken Courses in the Chemical Engineering MS Program


•The syllabi found below are representative of the general content taught in these courses in recent years.  However, specific sub-topics often change from year to year as we continually modernize and improve the curriculum.

•The syllabi provided below are for all core courses and most elective courses taught by faculty with appointments in the Chemical Engineering department as of Fall 2021.  However, our elective course offering is continually changing. For the most up-to-date offering of courses in a given semester, students should search under the Chemical Engineering Department section of the Columbia Directory of Classes

MS Program core courses*

CHEN E4001 & E4002 Essential of Chem. Eng.^
CHEN E4112 Transport in Fluids & Mixtures
CHEN E4110 Fluid Transport Mechanisms
CHEN E4235 Surface Reactions & Kinetics
CHEN E4330 Advanced Kinetics
CHAP 4120 Statistical Mechanics
CHEN E4130 Advanced Chem. Eng. Thermo.
CHEN E4010 Math Methods in Chem. Eng.

*Graduate core classes will almost always be offered every year so as to maximize flexibility and ensure that all students can meet graduation requirements. 

*As described in the MS program requirements, 4 core courses are required for the MS degree, including one of CHEN E4112 or E4110, one of CHEN E4235 or E4330, one of CHEN E4130 or CHAP 4120, and CHEN 4010.

^Only students enrolled in the Scientist to Engineer (S2E) Program are required to take CHEN E4001 & CHEN E4002).


Graduate-level elective classes counting towards MS degrees

The elective courses listed below are organized according three areas that roughly map onto different concentrations offered within our program; only syllabi for courses registered with CHEN designators or cross-listed with Chemical Engineering are provided here. A complete list of courses for each concentration can be found here. There is no guarantee that these courses will be taught every year, although most of them are taught on a yearly or biannual basis. Also note that there are many other graduate-level courses not shown here, including many in other departments, that can fulfill elective requirements.  See the Columbia Directory of Classes for the most up-to-date listings of courses offered through Chemical Engineering and other departments throughout SEAS and Columbia University.

Climate Solutions & Electrochemical Energy

CHEN E4201

Engineering Applications in Electrochemistry

CHEN E4231

Solar Fuels

EAEE E4180

Electrochemical Energy Storage Systems

EAEE E4305

Carbon Utilization and Conversion 

CHEN E4600

Atmospheric Aerosols

CHEN 4860

NMR in Bio, Soft, and Energy materials

Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals

CHEN E4325 Bioseparations
CHEN E4660 Biochemical Engineering

CHEN E4700

Principles of Genomic Technologies

CHEN E4800

Protein Engineering
CHEN E4890 Biopharmaceuticals, entrepreneurship, and chemical engineering
CHEN E4900

Topics in ChemE: Computer Simulation in Biology

CHEN E4910 Solid State Chemistry in Pharmaceutical Development
CHEN E4920 Pharmaceutical Industry for Engineers
CHEN E4930 Biopharmaceutical Process Laboratory
CHEN E4860 NMR in Bio, Soft, and Energy materials
CHEN E8100 Topics in Biology
CHEN E4870 Synthetic Organogenesis


Data and Computational Science

CHEN 4011

Numerical Methods in Chemical Engineering

CHEN E4900

Topics in ChemE: Computer Simulation in Biology

CHEN E4670

Chemical Engineering Data Analysis

CHEN E4580

Artificial Intelligence in Chemical Engineering

CHAP E4120

Statistical Mechanics

CHEN E4150

Computational Fluid Dynamics in Chemical Engineering

CHEN E4880

Atomistic Simulations for Science and Engineering

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