MS with a Concentration in Biotechnology and Biopharmaceuticals

Manufacturing and discovery in biotechnology and biopharmaceuticals continue to advance at a rapid pace, creating opportunities for engineers to contribute to interdisciplinary areas and apply their core skills to advancing technology.   This MS program engages students with recent developments within biotechnology and biopharmaceuticals, focusing on engineering applications and approaches.  

There is an established robust biopharmaceutical, fine chemical, and cosmetic industry located in the region (J&J, Merck, BMS, Regeneron, Celgene, Pfizer, L’Oreal, IFF) that can support student internships, research projects, as well as offer employment opportunities to graduates.  In addition to these large companies, the metropolitan New York/ NJ region also is home to many smaller start-up companies in this space and this is expected to grow in the future.   The program features a selection of lecture-based courses, opportunities for research with faculty members, and potential industrial internships.  In addition, students can gain laboratory experience in within teaching laboratories, for example Biotechnology and Biopharmaceutical Lab and Tissue and Molecular Engineering Lab.  

Any combination of four courses (12 points total) satisfies the Biotechnology and Biopharmaceutical Concentration Requirement.

  1. CHEN E9400  Research (only 3 points can be used to satisfy concentration requirement)
  2. CHEN E4325 Bioseparations
  3. *CHEN E4660 Biochemical Engineering
  4. *CHEN E4700 Principles of Genomic Technologies
  5. CHEN E4800 Protein Engineering
  6. BMEN E4110 Biostatistics for Engineers
  7. BMEN E6500x Tissue and molecular engineering laboratory (with instructor permission)
  8. PHAR G8001 Principles of System Pharmacology (with instructor permission)
  9. CHEN E4890 Biopharmaceuticals, entrepreneurship, and chemical engineering
  10. CHEN E4910  Solid State Chemistry in Pharmaceutical Development
  11. *CHEN E4920 Pharmaceutical Industry for Engineers
  12. CHEN E4930 Biopharmaceutical Process Laboratory
  13. BIOL G4310 Summer Intensive Laboratory in Biotechnology (with instructor permission)
  15. CHEN E8100 Topics in Biology
  16. CHEN E4870 Synthetic Organogenesis

*Scientist to Engineer (S2E) students are eligible to take this elective during the first semester and count the course as within the department of chemical engineering