Summer Teaching and Research at Columbia Chemical Engineering

Jun 25 2020

The Chemical Engineering faculty members have been actively engaged in teaching and coordinating several summer courses for undergraduate and graduate students.  Below is a summary of courses:

ENGI E4900 Summer Masters Research and ENGI E3900 Summer Undergraduate Research (Banta, Boyce, Chen, Esposito, Park, O'Shaughnessy, Simunovic, Steingart) 14 students are taking this class to engage in research activities on several topics of chemical engineering

ENGI E4700 Summer Industry Projects (Moment)

            10 students are enrolled in this class on research relevant to pharmaceutical industry.

ENGI E4701 Summer Design Challenge

Chemical engineering faculty members are leading the following two Design Challenge courses:

1. Mitigating Climate Change through Innovative Energy Storage Applications (Marbella, Urban, West)

More than 60 students are registered for this class on design challenges on environmentally friendly and cost-effective energy storage.

2. Accelerating Scaled Vaccine Production to Meet a Pandemic Response (Banta, Ju, Kumar, Moment, Venkat)

More than 50 students are participating in this class on design challenges on scaling up vaccine production.

ENGI E4702 Summer Engineering Topics Series

These biweekly seminars are given by chemical engineering faculty and are held on Tuesday at 2-3pm.  The participants are current and incoming students and alum.  We have over 100 zoom participants attending these seminars.


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