MS with a Concentration in Climate Solutions

The coursework for a concentration in Climate Solutions provides the MS candidate with an understanding of the fundamentals and technological challenges associated with climate solutions including clean energy and storage, geoengineering and their environmental context.  Furthermore, students may choose to learn about electrochemical processes that will continue to rise in importance as sustainable routes to leverage renewable energy for the production of chemicals, fuels, and materials. Students satisfy chemical engineering core and technical elective requirements with no more than 2 courses outside of the department. Through the S2E program, the concentration is also appropriate for students with undergraduate degrees in chemistry, materials science, mechanical engineering and related disciplines.

Any combination of four courses (12 points total) satisfies the Climate Solutions Concentration Requirement:

Course Number Title
CHEN E9400 Research (Only 3 Points can be used to satisfy concentration requirement to be taken after completion of first semester.)
CHEN E4201* Engineering Applications in Electrochemistry
CHEN E4231* Solar Fuels
EAEE E4180 Electrochemical Energy Storage Systems
EAEE E4305 Carbon Utilization and Conversion 
Chen E4600* Atmospheric Aerosols
MECE E4211 Energy Sources and Conversion
EESC W4008 Introduction to Atmospheric Science
EESC G4403 Managing and Adapting to Climate Change
CHEN 4860 NMR in Bio, Soft, and Energy materials
EESC G6922x Atmospheric Radiation

*Scientist to Engineer (S2E) students are eligible to take this elective during the first semester and count the course as within the Department of Chemical Engineering.