Chatchai Piyasombatkul


Chatchai Piyasombatkul is president of Metro-Ply Group, one of the largest wood-based panel manufacturers in Southeast Asia. The company is owned by the Piyasombatkul family, and was founded by Mr. Piyasombatkul’s father over 60 years ago. The family is also the owner of the Piyasombat Group (comprised of the Piaysombat Property Co., the Piyasombat Asset Company, and the Piyasombat Land Co.), a subsidiary of the Metro-Ply Group and one of the largest real-estate companies in Bangkok. Mr. Piyasombatkul has been working at Metro-Ply Group since 1982.

In February 2009, Mr. Piyasombatkul was appointed an assistant minister to the office of the Prime Minister of Thailand. In this role, he serves as an advisor to the minister of Information, Communication and Technology, the director of the Wastewater Management Authority, and the director of the Thailand Swimming Association. He is also vice chairman of Saint Gabriel’s Parents and Teacher Association.

Mr. Piyasombatkul was born in Bangkok, Thailand, and received a BS in chemical engineering in 1982 from Columbia Engineering.